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Increase your credibility and expertise while generating leads by speaking

Speak To Increase Your Reach

If you are a coach, trainer, expert, or author and speaking is not one of your main marketing methods you could be missing out on a big opportunity!

Why?  Because speaking allows you to:

  • Get in front of groups of highly qualified leads
  • Establish your credibility
  • Become known as an expert

And, by leveraging the power of the crowd you can do it much more quickly than trying to reach people one on one.


From Liz Uram

Dear Aspiring Speaker,

This info-packed training cuts out the fluff and gives you exactly what you need to know to add speaking to your marketing mix.  Find out how to create compelling talk that will get attention, the best places for finding groups to speak to, how to connect with decision makers, and how to prepare your speaker sheet.

  • Formula for creating your signature talk
  • Resources for finding speaking gigs
  • How to connect with decision makers
  • Create a professional speaker sheet
  • Setting goals and getting started

Becoming an in-demand speaker begins with having a talk that people want to hear about.  There is a lot of competition to get in front of groups and event planners want to make sure they bring in quality speakers.  To get past the first hurdle, speakreachcoveryou’ll have to grab their attention right away with a talk that provides value to their audience.  It’s not hard when you follow the simple formula inside.

Have you ever wondered why some speakers seem to be everywhere?  It’s because they know where to find the groups that want to hear their message.  It isn’t as hard as you might think to find speaking opportunities and connect with the decision makers,  if you know where to look.  You’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

Serious speakers are prepared to present themselves professionally.  As I mentioned above, you’ll be competing for stage time with a lot of other speakers so it’s imperative that you set yourself apart.  One way to do this is having a speaker resume ready to go.  Don’t think you have enough experience?  Don’t worry, you can build it as you go.  You’ll learn how to create your professional speaker sheet even if you’re just starting out.

In addition to all that, you’ll receive these templates:

  • Live Speaking Checklist – what you need to do before, during, and after
  • At-a-glance speaker application tracking sheets – keep track of where you have applied and where you’ve been accepted
  • Lead Generation Results tracker – easily make note of what’s working and what needs improvement

If you are ready to get started with speaking, or you’re ready to take it to a more professional level, this training will deliver what you need with easy to follow, step by step directions.

Get started now!